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Title IX Hearing for University Professors & Employees

Oct. 2, 2020

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), there were 10,400 reported incidents of forcible sex offenses on college campuses across the United States in 2017. Universities in California use Title IX hearings to investigate and remedy sex crime allegations involving students and faculty members. If you are a professor or university employee facing allegations of sexual misconduct or harassment, it is crucial to retain an experienced California Title IX attorney to intervene immediately.

Attorney Alec Rose is committed to seeking the truth and helping professors, university employees, and faculty members at California Institute of Technology, University of Southern California, UCLA, and other educational institutions across California defend themselves against sex crime accusations. I will offer you the experienced legal guidance you need all the way through the Title IX hearing process. The Alec Rose Law Office is proud to serve clients in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, and San Diego, counties in California.

Title IX Hearing Summary

Title IX is a comprehensive federal civil rights law that was passed as part of the Education Amendment Act of 1972. The law provides that:

"No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."

The purpose of this federal law is to prohibit discrimination among students and employees of educational institutions on the basis of sex or gender. The law provides a powerful means of stopping sexual harassment and violence in schools.

What's more, the Title IX law applies to schools with federal funding. Schools are legally required to respond and remedy hostile educational environments and protect students from sexual harassment. Not complying with the Title IX law may result in loss of funding.

Title IX Hearing Process

Title IX hearings usually take place on campus. The proceedings may be initiated whenever the school's administrative officers receive a report of sexual discrimination between a student and faculty member. Such complaints may include sexual misconduct or sexual assault allegations. The Title IX hearing process is as follows:


Title IX hearings involve a panel of investigators that will review the various allegations and evidence brought against the accused professor or university employee. Extremely personal and detailed questions regarding your relationship and any sexual relation with your accuser will be asked by the investigators.

Determination Hearing

A neutral hearing officer will conduct a determination hearing. Using the information obtained during the investigation and available evidence, the hearing officer will determine whether or not the accused faculty member disobeyed the school's code of conduct.

Remedies/Dismissal of Complaint

If found guilty, the hearing officer will notify you of any remedies offered to the complainant. An accused professor or university employee could face dismissal and other serious penalties. However, the complaint may be dismissed if you are found not responsible for the sex crime allegations.


The decision of the hearing officer may be appealed by either party. The appeal will be reviewed by a panel, which may comprise faculty or staff members. The panel's decision will be final.

The Department of Education's Title IX Final Rule

In August of 2020, the Department of Education updated Title IX with new requirements. The key provisions of the Department of Education's Title IX Final Rule include:

  • Sexual harassment is now defined as unlawful discrimination on the basis of sex, including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

  • Educational institutions are required to offer clear, accessible options for any individual to report sexual harassment.

  • Survivors are empowered to make decisions about how the institution responds to sexual harassment incidents. Also, the institution should offer supportive measures to these survivors.

  • Colleges are responsible for sexual harassment that occur off-campus, at houses owned or under the control of sororities and fraternities sanctioned by the institution.

  • Schools are required to offer equal appeal rights to a Title IX proceeding for both parties.

How the Alec Rose Law Office Can Help

Sex crimes allegations are serious and could affect every aspect of your life, including your career, liberty, reputation, and future opportunities. With all of these on the line, effective advocacy is crucial. If you have been accused of sexual misconduct or a sex crime in a university or educational institution in California, you need to consult with an experienced Title IX attorney immediately for detailed guidance.

For over 25 years, Attorney Alec Rose has been helping students, professors, and faculty members of educational institutions defend themselves against sexual misconduct and assault allegations. As a knowledgeable criminal defense and Title IX attorney, I will help you understand your current situation and carry out a comprehensive, private investigation.

As your legal counsel, I will coach you through the Title IX process and prep you extensively for your hearing. Also, I will offer you the experienced legal guidance and advocacy you need to represent yourself in your Title IX proceedings as effectively as possible. With me on your side, you can increase your prospects of extinguishing a speculative investigation even before it begins.

If you are a professor or university employee at the center of a Title IX investigation, contact the Alec Rose Law Office today to schedule a one-on-one case assessment. I can provide the knowledgeable legal guidance and advocacy you need for your Title IX hearing. I proudly serve clients in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, and San Diego, counties in California.