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Alec Rose

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I received my law degree from the University of California, Davis King Hall School of Law, and have represented clients all over the nation in Title IX cases and against various criminal charges. The reason I started my practice was that I didn't like what I was doing while working with large law firms. I often found that the partners made all of the decisions regarding client interaction. It was the old rule of commerce: money matters more than client relationships. I wanted to help my clients by building lasting relationships through effective legal solutions and personal support, so I decided to strike out on my own.


I'm excited by the opportunity to help people get justice for themselves by offering my legal expertise and loyal advocacy.

Alec Rose

Taking Title ix cases on a moment's notice

In my experience, creative thinking is what allows you to be flexible and create effective strategies quickly. Timing is vital when responding to allegations of sexual violence, sexual harassment, or sexual discrimination. You need to get ahead of it as quickly as possible, which is why I offer immediate service once I take your case. I have helped many college students and professionals respond to accusations of misconduct promptly and thoroughly.

The US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights provides very short timelines to resolve grievances under Title IX. You must develop your evidence, find your witnesses and create your defense narrative, while at the same time handling all the responsibilities of university life.

In order to overcome the burden of proof, you must present your own evidence in a convincing presentation. My experience in presenting convincing and comprehensive, well-documented defense strategies will help you overcome this burden.

Many students and faculty find the process of defending themselves in response to an accusation to be stressful and overwhelming. Your career, education, and professional trajectory can be largely affected by these situations. I will work collaboratively with you so that you know what you can do for your case, and then I will take charge of the larger legal tasks so you can focus on yourself and your academic career.


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Success Stories

Student Charged With Sexual Assault

A female student was accused of sexually assaulting a male student while he was incapacitated.

All Charges Dismissed

Student Accused of Rape

A student was accused of rape by a fellow student. After an investigation, it was determined that the complaining student had presented falsified evidence.

Case Dismissed

Student Stalked By Another Student

A student, who had been dismissed by the college for Stalking, won an appeal on all grounds submitted to the board.

Appeal Granted

Putting Your Needs First

For over 25 years, I've helped clients throughout the Los Angeles area defend themselves against criminal charges and pursue justice under the law. Unlike large corporate law firms, I build lasting relationships with my clients and focus my efforts on helping them through their situation and improving their lives.

Representing many professors and students in Title IX cases has given me extensive experience, making me an authority on defending clients against accusations of sexual misconduct. Many Title IX cases include sexual violence, sexual harassment, and sexual discrimination both in and out of a college or university setting.

Facing allegations of misconduct can ruin your educational career and future opportunities. You need an attorney with experience in both Title IX and criminal defense law to pursue the best possible outcome. Over the years I've handled murder charges, domestic violence, fraud, felonies, and misdemeanor cases.

My firm is committed to providing the highest level of legal services in Los Angeles and college towns across the nation. No matter what you have to say, I am never offended and will never pass judgment on anyone that walks through my door. Let me take on your legal burdens and help you move forward.