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Murder Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles, California

Are you currently facing murder charges in a recent investigation? If so, you may be facing severe penalties such as lengthy prison time. Whether you are innocent or looking to get the charges reduced, you need a capable murder defense lawyer in Los Angeles, California, who can provide a strong defense.

The Alec Rose Law Office offers comprehensive legal services for defendants accused of murder or similar violent crimes. I have worked with clients in cases similar to yours and have the experience and resources necessary to get you the best outcome possible. Call my law firm today and get a free case consultation.

What is a Murder Charge in California?

California Penal Code 187 PC defines murder as “the unlawful killing of a human being or fetus with malice aforethought.” In other words, it’s a violent act that likely results in fatality without any regard for human life. Murder may be charged under the following circumstances:

  • A person kills another person using a destructive weapon, a weapon of mass destruction, poison, torture, or lying in wait.

  • The act is deliberate, premeditated, or willful.

  • Invokes the California felony murder rule, because the act occurred alongside other felony crimes.

Express Malice vs. Implied Malice

If you are charged with murder, a prosecuting attorney may attempt to demonstrate that there was some form of malice involved in the act. Two types of malice include:

1. Express Malice

Express malice occurs when a person intends to kill another person. The act may have been premeditated or carried out in a deliberate manner. The prosecution may use physical evidence, eyewitness statements, or circumstances of the event to persuade a judge or jury that express malice is what led to the fatality.

2. Implied Malice

Implied malice is not the same as premeditation. However, it can imply that a person killed another with intent simply through a conscious disregard for human life. Therefore, a murder charge does not always mean that there was intent to harm. Instead, it could imply that your actions were consciously carried out.

Don’t Face Murder Charges Alone

Penalties for Murder in California

The penalties for murder in California depend on whether you are charged with first or second-degree murder. Possible penalties for each conviction may include:

First-Degree Murder (Willful and premeditated)

  • Death

  • Imprisonment without parole

  • Imprisonment for 25 years to life

Second-Degree Murder (Willful but not deliberate or premeditated)

  • 15 years to life

  • 20 years to life for shooting a firearm from a vehicle

  • 25 years to life for shooting a peace officer

Special circumstances or aggravating factors could make the punishment more severe. If the defendant had one or more prior murder convictions, committed other crimes alongside the murder, or the act was committed in a particularly heinous manner, the penalties may be increased.

How a Murder Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles, California Can Help You with Your Case

As your attorney, my goal is to either establish that you are innocent of the charges against you or reduce the charges based on the circumstances of the case. I can investigate what happened, obtain evidence to support your case, speak with witnesses, and also review how the prosecuting attorney or police officers handled your case.

I can also present several types of defense, including:

  • Accident or misfortune

  • Heat of passion

  • Lack of premeditation or planning

  • Self-defense

  • Defense of another person

  • An act committed in an attempt to uphold the law

My law firm can manage your entire case while presenting an argument on your behalf. We are committed to helping you get the best outcome possible based on the charges against you and the circumstances involved.

Murder Defense Attorney Serving Clients
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If you have been charged with murder, then now is the time to get started with your case. The Alex Rose Law Office is here to guide you every step of the way. I help my clients through effective legal solutions and personal support. Call us today to get a free case assessment from a murder defense lawyer in Los Angeles, California.

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