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Practice Areas

Title IX Law

I help students and faculty defend themselves against accusations of misconduct as well as represent victims of such misconduct.

Sex Crimes

Being accused of a sex crime is enough to damage your life, so let me help you by defending rights and reputation.

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DUI Defense

DUI charges are not as simple as they may seem. You need an experienced attorney to help you understand your situation.

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Internet Crime

Internet crime is an intricate area of law that often requires the counsel and advice of an experienced attorney to fully understand it.

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Juvenile Court

I can help you understand the juvenile court and protect you against prosecutors trying to treat you as an adult.

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Appellate & Post Conviction

A conviction or sentence doesn't mean the fight is over. Reach out to continue fighting for your freedom and your name.

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Juvenile Delinquency

Delinquency is the criminal behavior of minors and I can help you understand what to do if your child is charged with a crime.

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Expungement Motions

If your record has been tainted it doesn't have to stay that way. I can help you find a way to tidy up your rap sheet and get a fresher start.

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White Collar Crimes

The intricacies involved with white-collar crime makes it essential to hire a thorough attorney to represent you throughout the proceedings.

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Serious Violent Crimes & Murder

If you have been charged with a serious crime, you need to hire an attorney immediately to have the best chance at a positive outcome.

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Domestic Violence

Whether you are the victim or the accused, I provide reliable representation and counsel for all domestic violence cases.

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Are you uncertain if your crime is considered a misdemeanor or a felony? Contact an attorney to help sort things out.

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Felony Crimes

If you're facing felony charges, you need proper representation that comes with experience and expertise. Let me provide it.

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If you have been accused of fraud, seek the advice and representation of an attorney immediately to pursue your best interests.

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Drugs & Narcotics Charges

Penalties ranging from 24 hours in jail to serious prison time, you need an attorney when facing any drug charge.

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