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Our son was accused of sexual violence in a Title IX case at his university. Fortunately, we hired Mr. Alec Rose to assist him and we are truly blessed that we did. He was an excellent advisor. He was patient, a wonderful communicator and navigated my son through the entire process. No violations were found and my son has been able to continue his studies. It was a painful and difficult time for my son and our family but Alec was there for every phone call, helped him prepare and review his statements for an interview with the university's investigator and was present as his advisor. He is a true and ethical professional. Thank you Alec.

Excellent. TItle IX Advisor

Hiring Alec was probably one of the most consequential decisions I ever made in my life. Title IX investigations are tricky to navigate, and when my case began I was both confused and panicked. I called Alec and left a voicemail, and within an hour he called me back, listened to my situation, and set up an appointment for the next morning. He was compassionate, and the fact he cared about having a just outcome was important to me. Alec guided me through every single detail of the Title IX process from how to explain my account and choice of witnesses up to how precisely to word my emails with the Title IX office. I think it's safe to say that Alec saved my career while I was going through a very dark time in my life, and I would recommend him without question to anyone involved in a Title IX investigation. Alec's deep knowledge of the investigation process is helpful in these cases, but even more than that, he has a wealth of experience and knows exactly how the investigators think about the process. In particular, if you are going through a Title IX investigation in California, you should contact Alec because of his experience with the universities in the state.

Title IX Advisory

Alec was exceptionally willing to make time for phone, email, and text conversations. His counsel was always thoughtful and specific. He understood university dynamics and the particular sensitivities of academics in my field. He retained information I gave him- and this is challenging, when the information is complex. He was caring and even willing to have an off-line conversation about recent related events in the news. I give Alex my highest unqualified recommendation.

Title IX advisement

As a parent of an accused child, I felt hopeless and I didn't know where to turn to make sure my child was being treated fair. Although I still don't believe that the accused are treated fairly, I was beyond grateful to have had Alec on our side. He was compassionate and he never made my child or our family feel that we were alone on this nightmare of a journey. Alec was so patient and kind and helped our family get through a rough time that unfortunately too many families get bullied by their school/university or other institution into thinking they don't have any rights. Alec will and did change our view on that so THANK YOU ALEC.

Title IX- Alec is fantastic

I hired Alec when I was wrongfully accused to sexual misconduct by a student at a university. Although I had never been down this road before, Alec was knowledgeable, compassionate, and most importantly, he believed in me. I hope to never experience anything like this again in my future, but if that sad day came, I know who I would ask to represent me. Alec truly is the best.

Compassionate and Trustworthy

I'm a MD in a renowned academic institution/hospital in California, where sexual harassment, title IX cases are running rampant. I was falsely accused. Because of bad press and the political climate, the universities are facing pressure to investigate vigorously and punish harshly. The accused usually find themselves in very disadvantaged legal positions- facing a lower level "preponderance of the evidence" for conviction in cases that if ends badly can lead to high stakes career impacting consequences. Alec is very experienced in these cases. No matter how ugly and complex the accusations are, trust Alec to guide you through it for a good/fair outcome, as he did in my case.

MD and Professor defender

My brilliant child, just turned 18 years young, did a stupid thing due to peer pressure. I thought this would ruin his/her future plans for the college of his/her choice and his/her reputation. Alec was comforting, explaining the worst case possibilities to the b est solutions. He is personable, knowledgeable and not intimidating to me as a client. Although this process cost a lot of money for our family, it was worth it to save a child's future! The scary matter was resolved in a week.

Petrified parent regarding child's stupid act

He responded to my call promptly. He answered all my questions and made excellent suggestions in order to mitigate my circumstances. If I have further legal problems in the future, I certainly would not hesitate to call him.