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Restraining Orders on College Campuses

Alec Rose Law Office Aug. 19, 2022

Disorderly Conduct Text On Legal Document Near GavelBullying is not uncommon on college campuses. A study published in the Journal of Bullying and Social Aggression revealed that over 63% of surveyed students said they had witnessed bullying since coming to college. In addition to bullying, students may become victims of assault, abuse, or stalking by fellow students.  

That is why laws and college policies have specific procedures in place to protect their students. One of the things a victim can do to protect themselves against an abusive classmate or another student is to file a restraining order on a college campus.  

At the Alec Rose Law Office, I represent both abused victims and those facing a restraining order on campus. If you are dealing with abuse or need assistance opposing a restraining order, contact my office in Los Angeles, California, to discuss your options. I have the knowledge, resources, and tools necessary to assist your situation. I serve students in matters involving restraining orders throughout the state, including San Diego, Santa Ana, Ventura, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino County, and others. 

What Is a Restraining Order? 

A restraining order is a court order issued by a judge to protect a person from an aggressor or abuser. Typically, restraining orders are issued when an individual becomes a victim or is threatened with harm, such as assault, abuse, and stalking.  

A restraining order requires the person against whom the order is issued to keep a certain distance away from the protected person. If you are facing a restraining order, you could also be prohibited from contacting the protected person by email, text message, or telephone. 

How a Restraining Order on Campus Is Different  

Restraining orders on college campuses are different from other restraining or protective orders. Although colleges and universities must comply with orders of protection, following restraining orders can be challenging when the protected person and the person against whom the order was entered have classes together.  

However, the law does not specifically dictate how colleges and universities should enforce restraining orders on campuses. Instead, colleges and universities can use discretion when deciding how to enforce a restraining order between their students without interfering with the students’ right to access education. Often, the educational institution may designate a staff member who would work with both parties to develop a plan for enforcement of the order on the college campus. 

The Effects of a Restraining Order on Campus  

When a restraining order is entered against you, you need to understand what to expect next. There are many effects of a restraining order on campuses. First and foremost, a person against whom the order is entered must stay a certain distance away from the protected person. However, doing so may be tricky when both parties go to the same college or university.  

A restraining order may also prohibit a person from contacting the protected person through email, text messages, or phone. The effects of a restraining order are always severe, but even more so when the parties are in the same class or college.  

While a restraining order on a college campus may not guarantee that the protected person will not see the person against whom the order was entered, it may still be effective in limiting interactions between the parties. If you are facing a restraining order on campus, be prepared to make some dramatic changes to your daily life and alter your current and future activities on the college campus. 

Steps to Take if You Are Facing a Restraining Order on Campus  

Having a restraining order entered against you can change your life in an instant. It is not uncommon for students to be falsely accused of misconduct and face no-contact and restraining orders even when they did nothing wrong.  

Before the college imposes any restrictions on you, there will typically be a student misconduct hearing. Having a skilled attorney on your side is advisable to defend you against the accusations at the hearing and avoid the repercussions of facing a restraining order. 

How to File a Restraining Order on a College Campus  

If you are someone who has become a victim of abuse, assault or stalking on a college campus, you need to know what steps to take to protect yourself. Generally, the procedure of filing a restraining order on a college campus is relatively straightforward.  

In California, a person seeking protection can file a restraining order in the county where they were abused or where the abuser/aggressor lives. It is vital to contact a proficient attorney to help you fill out the necessary forms and prepare you for the hearing after filing the forms. 

Trusted Legal Guidance  

Whether you are considering seeking a restraining order or need assistance opposing one, get trusted legal guidance immediately. At the Alec Rose Law Office, I assist clients with restraining orders on college campuses in Los Angeles, California, and throughout the state. For over 25 years, I have represented clients on both sides of the issue. Schedule your free consultation today by reaching out to my office. I also serve clients in Victorville, Westminster, Anaheim, Fullerton, Rancho Cucamonga, and Simi Valley, California.