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Can You Also Help Students Who Are Victims of Sexual Violence or Sexual Harassment?

Dec. 29, 2016

Mr. Rose is available to help any student or faculty member involved in a Sexual Violence or Sexual Harassment grievance. Mr. Rose has advised students who made complaints, students and faculty who have been accused, and witnesses in Title IX investigations.

Federal Law guarantees that every person involved in a involved in a Sexual Violence or Sexual Harassment grievance under Title IX is entitled to choose an advisor, including an attorney. Your school or institution cannot prevent you from hiring a professional advisor.

Why would a student who is the victim of harassment want to hire a professional advisor? Won’t my school just take care of what I need?

Clients in this situation have given many reasons for this choice:

  • The student wanted assistance in presenting a well-documented and convincing complaint.

  • The student wanted a better understanding of the college regulations, procedures and laws involved in the process than the school or college was able to provide.

  • Both students accused one another, so the student is both the complainant and the respondent in different parts of the same matter.

  • The student did not want to share the details of the issue with members of the University community.

  • The school process requires a live hearing, and the student wants to be fully prepared.

  • The student’s matter involves complex issues, or the student wishes to also seek a civil restraining order against the perpetrator to assure protection that extends beyond the campus and beyond graduation.

  • The student or the student’s family lose faith that the college will investigate the matter thoroughly and appropriately.

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