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How to Prepare for a Title IX Hearing in California

July 31, 2020

If you are a student accused of sexual assault on campus, you are required to attend one or more hearings with the school’s administration to resolve the case. During the hearing, you are given the opportunity to recount what happened and present evidence that refutes the accuser’s claim.

You have the right to seek legal consultation and representation from a sex crime lawyer in Los Angeles, California. The Alec Rose Law Office can help you explore your options and determine the best defense for your case. I have 25 years of experience defending sex-related campus charges and have particapated in countless administrative hearings. I proudly serve clients throughout Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino counties.

Preparing Your Statement

A defense strategy begins by preparing a proper defense statement of what happened. In addition, you need to anticipate what types of questions you will be asked at the hearing. Questions may include:

  • How did you meet the plaintiff?

  • When did you start dating?

  • What was the general nature of the relationship?

  • If the relationship was sexual, how did it begin?

  • How did you establish consent?

  • Do you know what instance your ex-partner is complaining about?

  • What made you believe that the sexual act was consensual?

When preparing your answers, I can coach you on how to make your statements and present the facts.

Preparing for the Interview

During your interview, you may need to provide witnesses and evidence that can support your defense. You will also have to personally address issues that are raised from the plaintiff’s witnesses or evidence. Therefore, it is vital that you come to the interview prepared. What you state in the interview will be submitted into an official report that will be used to render a judgment about your case.

I can help you prepare for the interview by reviewing questions that you may not anticipate. They can help you recall every detail of the event so that you are prepared to handle any potential surprises during the hearing. I will also help you be emotionally prepared for sensitive questions or details that are discussed during the hearing.

Attending the Hearing

In preparing for the hearing, I will work with you on opening and closing statements, using the right witnesses, and questions you want the panel to ask the other party and their witnesses.

Once you are completely prepared, I can:

  • Attend the interview with you (whether in person or via video chat)

  • Provide legal consultation and help you stay on track during the interview

  • Take notes during the interview so that you do not have to

  • Help you submit a reaction statement to the interview report

Possibility of an Appeal

Nearly one-third of college females report being the victims of nonconsensual sexual contact while attending college. However, 50 to 60 percent of cases involving sexual misconduct charges are never proven, and the student is found innocent.

Regardless of the outcome of the hearing, it may be necessary to prepare an appeal. If the verdict is against you, filing an appeal is your next step. If the verdict is in your favor, the individual who accused you sexual misconduct will likely appeal. I can help you prepare for this step in either circumstance.

What Are the Penalties of a Guilty Verdict?

If you are found guilty of the charges against you, there are several possible penalties and consequences that can alter your education and life. Penalties in sexual harassment, rape, or sexual abuse case may include:

  • Suspension or expulsion from school

  • Inability to retrieve your transcripts

  • Mandatory re-application to the same school

  • Mandatory AA meetings or counseling to attend school

  • Community service

  • Inability to apply to another school

If you drop out of school, the university will continue to investigate the case and render a verdict with or without you. Your best option is to hire an attorney and develop a solid defense against your accusers.

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